Phemex Quiz Cevapları 2022 Güncel

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Bu kısım toplam 3 testten oluşuyor. 

”Watch Video” tıklayıp ardından 10 saniye geri sayımın bitmesini bekleyip ”Take the quiz!” butonuna tıklayıp testlere başlayabilirsiniz.

Lesson (1/3) What is Fiat Currency?:

Soru: What entities issue fiat currencies?

Cevap: Governments and Central Banks

Soru: Are fiat currencies backed by commodities like gold?

Cevap: NO

Soru: What is one of the disadvantages of fiat currencies?

Cevap: Inflation

Soru: Select two examples of modern fiat currencies?

Cevap: Dolar ve Euro yu seçin.

Lesson (2/3) What is Cryptocurrency?

Soru: A cryptocurrency is a form of ____________ currency.

Cevap: Boşluğa digital yazın.

Soru: Cryptocurrencies are represented by

Cevap: Unique digital codes

Soru: A decentraliced cryptocurrency means that it is controlled by

Cevap: None of the above

Soru: What is the most well-known cryptocurrency today?

Cevap: Bitcoin

Soru: Select all the descriptions that are true about Bitcoin

Cevap: ”Deflationary” ve”Limited Supply” iki seçeneğide seçin.

Lesson (3/3) How Does a Cryptocurrency Work?

Soru: Which of the two options do cryptocurrencies use?

Cevap: Blockchain Technology

Soru: A blockchain is

Cevap: A digital ledger or notebook

Soru: Bitcoin’s blockchain or digital ledger will record

Cevap: All of the above 

Soru: Why is a blockchain secure? (choose all that apply)

Cevap: ”It has multiple copies all over the world” ve ”It uses encryption methods” iki seçeneğide seçin.


PHEMEK QUİZ CEVAPLARI Prie.Shop İkinci testlerin linki:

Lesson (1/5) Credit Cards:

Soru: Does Phemex offer any options to purchase crypto with credit cards?

Cevap: YES

Soru: On the Buy Crypto page, what cryptocurrency is set by default?

Cevap: BTC

Soru: Which one of the following payment channels is not supported by phemex?

Cevap: CoolCrypto

Lesson (2/5) OTC/Bank Transfer – Activate Account:

Soru: What does OTC stand for?

Cevap: Over-the-counter

Soru:What does out OTC service allow you to do?

Cevap: Purchase crypto with US Dollar bank/wire transfer

Soru: Which header option must you click first to find our OTC trading page?

Cevap: Buy Crypto

Soru: Can you use our OTC servies without activating your account first?

Cevap: NO

Soru: During the activation process, individuals must select the option labaled

Cevap: Individual

Lesson (3/5) OTC/Bank Transfer – Deposit Money:

Soru: Once your OTC account is enabled, you will see a ________ ________ on the OTC trading page.

Cevap: İlk boşluğa ”balance” ikinci boşluğa ”module” yazılacak.

Soru: With your OTC trading account activated, the next step is to:

Cevap: Deposit

Soru: Look at the deposit instruction page below and type in the correct reference code that would need to be added to your

transfer as a note. __________

Cevap: Boşluğa NAEIQWH kodunu yazın.

Soru: Once your deposit is successful, you will see your fiat balance on the

Cevap: OTC Trading Page

Lesson (4/5) OTC/Bank Transfer – Purchase Crypto

Soru: With your OTC account enabled and a fiat balance available, you’re ready to

Cevap: Purchase Some Crypto

Soru: Based on the image below, how much time would you have left to click…

Cevap: 11 seconds

Soru: Based on the image below, how much LTC did accont purchase?

Cevap: 3,14366319

Lesson (5/5) Transfer Existing Crypto Into Phemex

Soru: If you wanted to transfer crypto to your Phemex wallet, which button would you click first?

Cevap: Deposit Button 

Soru: On the Deposit page, what’s the crypto the is selected by default?

Cevap: BTC

Soru: Hovering your mouse over the Show QR code option will

Cevap: Display your wallet QR code

Soru: If your deposit/transfer was successful, where can you see your updated crypto balance?

Cevap: The Assets Page

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